Flexible with standard containers:
DEK Solder Jar Dispenser

Being able to apply solder paste evenly is critically important for a stable and trouble-free printing process. Manual application by humans tends to vary between prints and occasionally even falls below minimum quantities.

The time has come to put an end to such errors and uncertainties. The DEK Solder Jar Dispenser is an automatic paste dispensing system that can be controlled by feedback from the DEK Paste Roll Height Monitor in line with the concept of self-controlling smart factory processes. No special cartridges are needed. Since your employees prepare the changeovers of standard solder paste containers offline in seconds and with just a few manual steps, you cut down on unproductive downtime and simplify your material logistics.

The special features of the DEK Solder Jar Dispenser:

  • No expensive cartridges
  • Uses standard 500-gram containers
  • Easy handling
  • Proven ordering processes and simplified stock-keeping
  • Easy to retrofit and modify
  • Switching containers takes only a few seconds after offline preparation