DEK Stinger adhesive and paste dispenser

The DEK Stinger is the perfect, highly flexible option for all electronics manufacturers who need to apply adhesive or additional paste volume and dots in only a few spots and don’t want to invest in a special and expensive machine for this purpose.

The DEK Stinger is a precise dispenser with a worm gear that gets mounted to the camera axis of the Instinctiv® controlled DEK printer. After the board has been printed and visually verified, the DEK Stinger applies glue or paste dots quickly and reliably in the programmed size and location. A laser-based measurement system controls the Z-axis in order to equalize the warpage of the board so that the opening of the dispenser needle is always at the perfect distance to the board, even if it is warped. The result: continually the same dot volume.

Product features

  • Flexible adhesive or paste dispenser that uses the precise mechanism of the DEK camera system
  • Closed dispenser, easy to change system with patented one-way worm gear valve system
  • Laser-based measurement system controls the distance between dispenser opening and board surface
  • Programmable via DEK Instinctiv® V9 printer control software; glue dot patterns are easily imported via a CSV file
  • Self-calibrating
  • Fill level control
  • Refillable via easy cartridge replacement (in less than 2 minute)
  • Purge station