Lateral clamping

Since boards that require close-to-the-edge printing cannot be held in place with top-down clamps, DEK offers lateral clamping. The board is held in place by lateral clamps with adjustable pressure in such a way that it lies flat against the surface and the blade can reach every part of the board.

Lateral clamping with automatic adjustment: OTS

The Over the Top Snugger (OTS) combines lateral clamping with the benefits of top-down clamping. You can print close to the edge of the board, and the automatic OTS system delivers a maximum of registration accuracy. Whether you use boards of different thicknesses or warped boards – one clamp firmly locks the board in place from above and straightens it before the lateral clamps go to work. The Over the Top clamps then retract to a position where their top edge is in line with the board surface.


  • Rapid automatic adjustment to the board thickness so that the board surface is level with the OTS.
  • Rapid automatic board leveling through top-down clamping. Even warped boards can be printed with perfect results.
  • Top printing quality close to the edge