The new DEK NeoHorizon printers feature:

  • Modular design: Ready for any task with optimized cost-effectiveness

  • Retrofittable and scalable: Clamps, conveyors, optical systems, print heads, understencil cleaning – all options are retrofittable so that your DEK NeoHorizon grows with your requirements

  • Maintenance-friendly: All operations and maintenance can be performed from the front. All components are easily accessible from the side

  • Fast: Core cycle times as short as 6.5 seconds

  • Precise: Machine accuracy of up to ±15 µm @ 2 Cmk - ideal for ultra-fine-pitch applications with component sizes down to 0201 (metric)

  • Easy operation: With our DEK Instinctiv software you program, control the printer intuitivly, easily and fast

  • DEK back-to-back: Highly flexible dual-track solution that allows both printers to be configured individually and separated at any time