Technical Data for the DEK Galaxy

Machine Features DEK Galaxy             
Repeat accuracy ± 12.5 μm @ 2.0 Cpk (± 6 sigma)#
Printing accuracy ± 12.5 μm @ 2.0 Cpk (±6 sigma)#
Standard cycle time

7 sec

Maximum printing surface

510 mm* (X) x 508.5 mm (Y)

Maximum substrate size

620 mm (X)* x 508,5 mm (Y)#

Frame variants

305 mm to 736 mm (12"** to 29"), max. frame thickness: 38 mm

User interface

Touchscreen, keyboard and trackball, DEK Instinctiv V9TM software


HawkEye® 1700

Squeegee adjustment

Software controlled, motorised with closed loop feedback

Stencil positioning

Automatic loading incorporating squeegee drip tray

Stencil alignment

Motorised via actuators X, Y, and Theta

Printing speed

2 mm/sec to 300 mm/sec

Fiducial recognition

Automatic fiducial recognition, programmable from 0.1 mm to 3 mm

Understencil Cleaning

Cyclone high speed cleaner,
fully programmable with wet/dry/vacuum wipe with external solvent tank

Compressed air supply

5-8 bar at 5 liters/minute

Power supply

110 V to 240 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz


Approx. 680 kg


# DEK’s machine accuracy and repeatability qualification is certified by 3rd party and undertaken using production environment
   process variables. Print Speeds, Print Pressures, Rising Table and Camera Movements are included in the process capability

* For print area up to 600 mm long please contact the Product Manager.