What makes the SIPLACE TX unique?

  • Maximum placement performance and floorspace productivity
    Up to 96,000 cph in only 2.3 square meters (approx. 25 sq.ft.) of floorspace
  • Maximum precision
    It places 0201(m) components at full speed Placement accuracy: 
    22 µm @ 3 sigma
  • The improved SIPLACE SpeedStar
    For sustained speed and precision
  • SIPLACE Multistar
    The world's only placement head that can switch on demand between collect-and-place, pick-and-place and mixed modes.
  • SIPLACE Software
    Having the right software makes the difference in electronics production.
  • Standard dual conveyor
    For flexible manufacturing concepts (synchronous, asynchronous)
  • State-of-the-art feeder options
    Examples include the intelligent SIPLACE X feeders and the latest sensation in industry, tapeless feeding with the SIPLACE BulkFeeder
  • SIPLACE Vision System
    One component, one image – the unerring high-resolution control system for maximum process reliability