Truly unique:

How the SIPLACE CA earns this title

Chip assembly and SMT placement on a single platform
In the die-attach or flip-chip process, the SIPLACE CA places bare dies directly off the wafer. But it also offers the SMT placement features you already know from the SIPLACE X-Series. The SIPLACE CA can be used for bare-die or SMT placement exclusively or handle both in a single-pass operation.

No compromises in terms of speed and accuracy
Up to 30,000 dies, 46,000 flip-chips or 126,000 SMT components per hour – specifications that speak for themselves. A special vision system enables the SIPLACE CA to place bare dies in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 27.0 mm with an accuracy of ±10 µm @ 3 σ with eWLB option. For SMT placement, the SIPLACE CA is fully 0201 (metric)-capable.

Everything you need for die assembly
Many special developments optimize the deployment options for the SIPLACE CA. The horizontal SIPLACE wafer system is suitable for wafers ranging from 4 to 12 inches and changes wafers automatically.  Multi-die capabilities, programmable die cutting speed and hoop ring handling are additional features. The Linear Dip Unit, Die Attach Unit and Flip Chip Unit complete the SIPLACE CA and the placement platform for bare-dies.

Beyond SMT: WLFO and embedded PCBs
New technologies like wafer-level fan-out or embedded PCBs enable even higher packaging densities, more I/Os and lower costs in component manufacturing.  The SIPLACE CA provides a precise and high-throughput solution for high-volume environments. It places active dies, flip chips and the smallest passive components with an accuracy rating of 10 µm @ 3 sigma and extremely high speed onto large panels – performance values that are out of reach for classic die bonders.