The focus is on your production quality

The SIPLACE digital vision system is part of all current SIPLACE platforms. It is considered an industry-standard because it ensures maximum placement quality and productivity.

  • Our state-of-the-art megapixel cameras see every detail.

    High-resolution digital images
  • Every component deserves to have its picture taken
    Other manufacturers record cover multiple components in their images. ASM doesn't. One image per component ensures maximum resolution, proper lighting and perfect focus.
  • Front-lighting makes your components look their best
    Where other manufacturers employ obsolete standards with backlighting, ASM is a step ahead – as usual.  This is the only way to make the complex surface structures of BGAs, PLCC, etc. measurable in addition to their outlines.
  • Adjustable illumination levels
    When you take pictures, the lighting makes the difference. Nevertheless, many manufacturers employ fixed lighting systems. ASM, on the other hand, uses adjustable illumination that puts each component in the best light.
  • Highly efficient image processing, because time matters
    With their state-of-the-art algorithms, SIPLACE vision systems measure components in milliseconds without slowing down your production.
  • Vision dumps – because you want to know what happened
    Since SIPLACE vision systems optionally store up to 500 images, you can analyze why a component was rejected.
  • Special sensors
    Laser sensors (for 2D/3D coplanarity), component and vacuum sensors deliver additional data to ensure maximum quality and productivity.
  • 2D codes and fiducials
    Do you have to read 2D codes, fiducials or unusual registration marks on your PCBs? With SIPLACE vision systems you can do so quickly and reliably directly with the built-in camera, thus eliminating the need for any additional sensors.