SIPLACE TwinStar – for placing large components with precision

The SIPLACE TwinStar is a high-precision Pick & Place head for the end-of line placement of large and heavy components as well as odd shapes.

It can pick up components with a nozzle or a gripper. With over 120 grippers for special components, SIPLACE offers everything you need to automatically place connectors and other odd shapes.

  • Component spectrum: 0201 to 200 x 100 mm
  • Standard equipment: Fine-pitch camera, vacuum sensor, force sensor, nozzle changes, PCB camber control
  • Options: Flip-chip camera, coplanarity module

High-force variants for automotive and industrial electronics

Available in special versions as a High Force and Very High Force head, the SIPLACE TwinStar can apply placement forces of up to 30N and 70N, respectively, for components that are up to 40mm high.