SIPLACE SpeedStar – extremely fast

Whether high-volume or high-mix, at the start of the line the name of the game is often pure performance for placing many standard components. This is where the SIPLACE SpeedStar shines, our 20-nozzle high-speed head and the benchmark for performance in electronics production.

It delivers process reliability and the lowest de-rating in the entire industry – even for super-small 0201 (metric) components. It accomplishes this with its one-at-a-time pickup concept, its rotating mechanisms in each of its 20 segments, a high-resolution vision system and powerful sensor technology.

The advantages:

  • A component spectrum with dimensions ranging from 0201 (metric) to 6 x 6 mm and heights of up to 4 mm.
  • Placement speeds of up to 39,000 cph (SIPLACE benchmark) and top ratings in real-life performance.
  • Excellent standard equipment: Vacuum sensor, force sensor, component sensor and PCB camber control.
  • Long life, rapid maintenance and low operating costs