SIPLACE MultiStar – flexible like no other

The SIPLACE MultiStar is the world's finest first placement head that can operate in different modes as needed.

Take a a look(link to video): The SIPLACE MultiStar, which only a moment ago placed standard components at high speed in Collect & Place mode, transforms itself for the next product into a Pick & Place head for the accurate placement of large components. And in Mixed mode it can even combine Collect & Place and Pick & Place modes.

All this is software-controlled via the placement program. With the SIPLACE MultiStar, you can have a “different” placement head for each cycle,which makes it the perfect solution for high-mix environments.

  • Always the right head at the right time.
    By combining different placement modes in a single head, the SIPLACE MultiStar minimizes the need for cumbersome head changes.
  • High performance:
    Components ranging from 01005 to 50 x 40 mm at up to 23,500 cph
  • Perfectly balanced:
    Thanks to the different placement modes, lines can be perfectly balanced.
  • Leap in efficiency:
    Random setup, feeder-anywhere and other concepts for no-stop product changeovers – the SIPLACE MultiStar gives you capabilities that you never thought possible. For the first time, placement head and machine adapt to your setup, not vice-versa.
  • Low investment and operating costs:
    With only three head types, SIPLACE reduces your purchasing, operating and maintenance costs.


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