SIPLACE Material Tower

SIPLACE Material Tower: Automatic component storage system

The SIPLACE Material Tower is an ultra-compact storage system that holds up to 932 component reels on only 1.52 square meters (16.4 sq.ft) of floorspace. It is the perfect solution for situations where material must make it to the line as quickly as possible, including moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs).

Additions and withdrawals are software-controlled and fully automated. The requested material is available in less than 10 seconds. Having a SIPLACE Material Tower as a buffer storage system in the kitting area provides significantly faster access to frequently required items. You can also use it to supply complete BOMs for upcoming orders at the line.

By automatically administering all additions and withdrawals, the SIPLACE Material Manager makes the SIPLACE Material Tower part of a comprehensive, intelligent and fully transparent material management system for electronics manufacturing environments.

The SIPLACE Material Tower also grows with your needs, because you can combine individual modules into clusters and have them all administered by the SIPLACE Material Manager.