Apply glue dots with top precision – and flexibility

Heavy components, dual-sided placements – in many applications you have to selectively glue and affix certain components. Many equipment makers require you to invest in expensive gluing stations or permanently installed dispensing systems in printers and/or placement machines. The disadvantages: High investment, inflexible configurations

The ASM innovation: the unique SIPLACE Glue Feeder.

The SIPLACE Glue Feeder takes a completely new approach. It is not a permanently mounted system, but a mobile dispenser unit which can be installed and removed anywhere, just like a feeder.

A precision jet sprays the adhesive on the components in tiny dots and with exceptional precision. You can even check the quality of the application via the vision system.

The SIPLACE Glue Feeder delivers new process benefits:

  • It can be installed wherever it is needed, just like an X-feeder
  • The perfectly dispensed and precisely applied dots eliminate the need for subsequent board cleaning
  • If something goes wrong, you don't have to throw the entire board away, only the component – another cost reduction.
  • Easy setup, refilling, cleaning and maintenance