The SIPLACE component supply:
Flexibly combinable and designed specifically for our placement solutions

Components are packaged in many different ways: tapes, sticks, trays, and many more. Depending on your component spectrum, you need a broad spectrum of feeders while optimizing the use of your table capacities.

For SIPLACE engineers, flexibility, efficiency and quality start with the component supply system. In addition, dynamic setup concepts require intelligent feeders. That's why ASM offers a large selection of feeder modules:

The intelligent SIPLACE X-feeders are the basis for innovative setup concepts. For floating setup concepts with no production stops and feeder-anywhere concepts, SIPLACE X-feeders have contactless power and data links, can be added and removed while the machine keeps running (plug-and-play), register automatically, download their settings from the machine, and can be equipped with splice sensors.

For fast product changeovers and offline kitting, our component carts are essential. Besides tape feeders, they can accommodate component trays and sticks. 

The WPC (Waffle Pack Changer) is our feeder option for trays. The system can access up to 28 trays (maximum dimensions: 360 x 260 x 15 mm) in no particular order. And thanks to our non-stop module, you can add or remove trays while the production keeps running.

The SIPLACE MTC (Matrix Tray Changer) with its two separately operating towers offers space for up to 100 JEDEC trays.

Other feeder modules:

Vibration feeders, bulk case feeders, and the SIPLACE Dip Module (for CSP stacking and dip-fluxing flip-chips).