Say goodbye to reels with the SIPLACE BulkFeeder X 

Modern high-speed lines operate at blinding speed. With tape feeders, this means frequent splicing – with the resulting threat of splicing errors and line stops. With the SIPLACE BulkFeeder X, ASM has developed a totally new way of supplying 0402, 0201 and 01005 components, which can account for 40 percent of the placement volume, in bulk. And best of all, this revolution in component feeding can be mounted on a changeover table like any classic tape feeder.

A vibration and shutter mechanism dispenses loose components from a cartridge onto a pickup plate made of glass. The interchangeable and refillable cartridge holds up to 1.5 million components. An integrated camera takes a picture of the components from underneath the glass plate. The station computer analyzes the image, identifies the components that are suitable for pickup, and determines their position and alignment. The SIPLACE placement head travels to these components and picks up the required number. The vibration mechanism ensures that enough components are available during each pickup cycle.

The smart and seamless interaction of all system components makes it possible to supply components in bulk and with no compromise in performance.

Smart #1 SMT Factory Benefits of the SIPLACE BulkFeeder X:

  • No more splicing
  • Easier logistics
  • Easy setup changeover by replacing the cartridge
  • Significantly fewer operator assists 
  • Minimized dust and waste