Our goal:
Making your electronics production more competitive

Innovations are our answer to new requirements in electronics manufacturing. Whether hardware or software –  in our development teams we are always looking into new technologies, unconventional ideas and joint projects with customers and partners. Thanks to this approach, ASM has for many years been a globally recognized technology leader.

Here are some of the innovations that make SIPLACE placement solution unique:

  • SIPLACE digital vision system
    Our vision system misses nothing – a critical factor for process reliability and quality.
  • SIPLACE placement heads
    A special head for every task? ASM embarks in a different direction – with faster and smarter placement heads.
  • SIPLACE Smart Pin Support
    Placing support pins manually is error-prone and takes time. SIPLACE Smart Pin Support automates this process.
  • SIPLACE Glue Feeder
    The unique glue dispensers for flexible SMT production that can be set up like a feeder
  • SIPLACE component feeders
    With today's component diversity, precision and intelligent integration into lines and processes make the difference.