Setup verification with SIPLACE Setup Center:
Avoiding mistakes makes you faster

SIPLACE Setup Center is our key application for setup and product changeovers – and according to our customers one of the best things we have to offer in our software portfolio.

With SIPLACE Setup Center you safeguard your processes, avoid mistakes and accelerate your setup changeovers. It doesn't matter which setup concepts you employ – online or offline changeovers, with changeover tables, feeders in preassigned positions or state-of-the-art random setup concepts.

Your employees simply scan the barcode ID of the component reel that is loaded in the feeder. The software reconciles the data with the placement program information and approves the combination or signals an error. For performance-optimized setups. The feeder position is scanned and checked as well. Features like these protect your setup process.

Behind the scenes, SIPLACE Setup Center does a lot more: It transfers the setup information to SIPLACE Traceability. It records the fill level of the reel so that the operators can be reminded in time to splice on a new reel; it also reports any leftover quantities to the material management system. It reports the location and use of your feeders to the feeder management system.

Functions and benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable setup verification and data management
  • Early detection of setup errors and supply bottlenecks
  • Online of offline setup control on the line or in the preparation area
  • Forced setup verification to reliably prevent faulty placements
  • MSD handling
  • Data transfer to fill level control, feeder management, materials management and traceability systems