We maximize your setup flexibility and make your production more efficient

In high-mix production environments with many products and small lots, minimizing your setup times is a significant competitive advantage. The ultimate goal: setup changeovers without line stops.

Our tool for accomplishing this: SIPLACE Random Setup. We call it a tool, while others call it "feeder anywhere" or a small revolution. Why? For the first time, feeder positions are no longer preassigned. Instead you install your SIPLACE X-feeders in any available slots with a matching placement head, and the ASM line adjusts the placement programs and processes automatically.

You enjoy a totally new level of flexibility:

  • Non-stop setup changeovers and floating setups. You can prepare for upcoming product changeovers while the current product is still running – simply by setting up the feeders and components for the next product in any available slots.
  • The SIPLACE X-feeders register with the placement machine automatically. Based on the feeder ID, the station software determines which component was loaded into the respective feeder during the kitting process and adapts its placement program accordingly.
  • You can even set up multiple feeders with the same component, thus avoiding the time-consuming splicing.
  • To prepare for an upcoming setup changeover, the ASM software generates a "delta" (or differential) setup. You set up only what is still needed: Minimum effort, maximum efficiency.

Contact our ASM experts. They will gladly answer your questions and give you more details.