SIPLACE Material Setup Assistant:
The smart solution for your setup preparation area

The SIPLACE Material Setup Assistant is a system for optimizing setup processes and material flows in SMT production. It is fully integrated into the SIPLACE software suite.

The SIPLACE Material Setup Assistant “parks” feeders and components that will be used in subsequent setups in the setup preparation areas instead of having them torn down and returned to the warehouse. Thanks to the active data links, the SIPLACE software is aware of the feeders’ locations as well as the type and quantities of the components they hold. When a setup change is coming up, the feeders needed for the new setup blink. All your employees have to do is install them. Especially convenient:  When a feeder is removed, its target slot is displayed on a monitor. This eliminates the need for cumbersome manual checks against setup lists.

If more components are needed from the main warehouse, the SIPLACE Material Assistant requests them automatically. Want to know which feeders coming back from the line should be completely torn down and which should be parked in the setup preparation area? No problem – the SIPLACE Material Setup Assistant lets your operators know by activating the appropriate LEDs on the feeders.

Your benefits:

  • Transparent feeder “parking” in the setup preparation area reduces the setup effort and avoids unnecessary component travel (no “parts tourism”)
  • Visual support for modern, highly flexible setup concepts
  • Paperless setup processes for more speed and fewer errors
  • Automated material requests from your component storage area
  • Automatic material issue through the integration of mechanized warehouse systems (Kardex, Hänel etc.) and the SIPLACE Material Tower
  • Fully integrated into the SIPLACE software suite

In short: paperless, software-assisted and reliable – simply smart.