Floating Setup – when flexibility is paramount

Type of Production:
Next to a few high-volume products, frequently changing small lots and prototype runs often set the tone for your production environment. You want to turn the flexibility of your shop floor into a competitive and cost advantage.

Setup concept:
You set up the next products while the current product is still running on the line. Even if you have to produce many small lots, you can avoid setup-related production stops.

Our software solution: Split Table Mode
Smart and easy: With the Split Table Mode option you can split your feeder tables virtually in SiCluster Professional. While the first product (or product family) runs, you set up the next product(s). Your ASM line switches over seamlessly when the time comes.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum equipment utilization and efficiency in high-mix environments
  • Can be combined with other setup concepts (family setups, constant feeder tables, multiple conveyors)
  • Fewer changeover tables