The flexible standard: Setups with changeover tables

Type of production:
Most of your jobs involve small to medium-sized runs and rush orders. You manufacture a broad product portfolio with a broad component spectrum.

Setup concept:
With changeover tables and offline kitting you are able to implement several setup changeovers per shift. To maximize the efficiency of your lines, you are interested in solutions for setup changeovers that can be executed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Our software solutions:

SIPLACE SiCluster Professional
The SIPLACE SiCluster Professional option automatically identifies shared components, generates family setups and arranges components efficiently on the feeder tables. Standard component which are needed for multiple setups are consolidated on constant feeder tables.

SIPLACE SiCluster MultiLine
SIPLACE SiCluster MultiLine imports pending production orders, forms setup families and optimizes the distribution of setups over the various ASM SMT lines in your production. In concert with the order management, placement programs and line software, SIPLACE SiCluster MultiLine optimizes your setup schedule at lightning speed while  taking into account your line restrictions, specifications and setup concepts. Short-term job changes? No problem. You can recalculate the schedule at any time, also for individual lines.

Your benefits:

    • Efficient placement and maximized equipment utilization for small lot sizes
    • Configurable determination of product families or clusters (for example, products which should never or always be run together)
    • Significantly reduced setup effort (family setups, constant feeder tables)
    • Reduced investment in feeders and feeder tables (constant feeder table)