Our machines whisper to each other – it makes them more efficient

Are you still working with barcode readers and a multitude of error-prone and time-consuming read processes on your lines?

Whispering-Down-the-Line (WDTL) is a better option. The principle of WDTL is simple: Information that is read by the first machine is automatically passed on to the subsequent machines on the line.

This saves lots of hardware and time for read processes. The application opportunities for WDTL are diverse, and the benefits are substantial:

  • No more extra barcode readers, because the SIPLACE vision system does all the reading
  • A one-time read process speeds things up and minimizes errors
  • Forwarding of bad fiducials (ink spots for faulty clusters, etc.)
  • Product changeovers on-the-fly Placement program changeovers with no need to clear the line first
  • More process quality and efficiency