Automate your product changeovers: Your barcode is our command

Use barcodes on your PCBs to automate product changeovers within family setups.  When the barcodes are read for the first time, they trigger a whole series of automated procedures:

  • The system uses the barcode to identify the associated placement program
  • If the placement program differs from the currently active one, the new program is automatically downloaded when the board enters the machine.
  • If the program requires a change in the conveyor setting, it is performed automatically.
  • With add-on functions like Whispering-Down-the Line and Stationwise Download, the information is passed on to the downstream machines and executed automatically. No additional barcode reading processes are needed.
  • In combination with our Traceability solutions you can even ensure station-specific traceability.

This is the ideal way to automate product changeovers reliably and efficiently on a station-by-station basis so that you don't have to clear the line first.