Optimize based on historical data

QC-CALC is an integrated statistical process control (SPC) system for DEK printers. QC-CALC collects printer data and generates charts and reports that allow you make better decisions regarding any process parameter adjustments. You can monitor a whole slew of functions, but most importantly the printed-image alignment.

Process capability indices (Cpk) regarding pre-alignment, post-alignment and squeegee pressure are verified during the installation phase, but the machine operator can repeat these at any time.

The desired QC-CALC monitoring functions can be easily selected via printer's Instinctiv™ interface. They include:

  • X, Y and theta alignment
  • X, Y and theta pre-alignment deviation
  • Pre- and post-X and -Y fiducial alignment deviations
  • X and Y screen actuator relative movement
  • Front and back printing speed
  • Board stretch
  • Front and back printing
  • Separation speed
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Cycle time
  • Table position
  • Board and stencil/screen fiducial scores
  • HawkEye® area, attribute errors and warnings