Self-regulating print optimization

The ProDEK closed-loop printing system enables your printer to instantly respond to the solder paste inspection (SPI) results reported by external devices and automatically optimize, based on statistical data.  

ProDEK obtains the necessary information via interfaces to SPI systems from
Koh Young, Parmi and CyberOptics. The ProDEK software makes decisions regarding stencil alignments and cleaning cycle adjustments on the basis of statistical analyses. Since it ignores outliers, it is often far superior to manual adjustments.

Its alignment corrections ensure high yield rates (e.g. at board warpage) and prevent solder paste smearing. Cleaning cycles are no longer based on rigid – and often overly cautious – intervals, but on actual readings. This not only reduces the costs of cleaning supplies, but improves the printer’s productivity and throughput.

The ProDEK closed-loop system automates your printing optimization process – another smart factory component from ASM.