High-speed verification checks solder paste application

The HawkEye is ASM's answer to two questions that must be answered for each board in highly demanding applications: Is the amount of paste applied sufficient for a successful placement process? Is the print complete and clean?

The HawkEye high-speed camera, available in 750 mm²/s and 1700 mm²/s verification speed versions, monitors your printing results. If the amount of solder paste in a reference area falls below a defined threshold, the system issues a warning or alarm.

The verification system can be easily set up with stencil or pcb board images via the DEK printer’s Instinctiv™ V9 interface, and configuring the warning and alarm function is highly intuitive. Warnings or alarms are the only two conclusions the system can make. Either the placement process will be successful, or the printing quality must be improved because errors will otherwise occur.

After a warning or alarm message the cleaning of a stencil or another printing cycle an easily be started.

The system also allows you to log all borderline results and analyze the data statistically.