Comprehensive solder print inspection

DEK inspection (2Di) is an integrated verification for printing check and improves your DEK printer's reliability within the process chain. By continuously monitoring stencils and circuit boards and analyzing the data, the system significantly reduces the threat of process errors resulting from faulty solder paste application.
The resulting statistical data lets you recognize trends and prevent errors. You also save time by avoiding unnecessary cleaning cycles.

Easy to use

The operation of the 2D inspection system is integrated into the DEK printer’s Instinctiv™ V9 software. It checks up to 1,000 different inspection areas on component level for the following:

  • Stencil clogging – solder paste residue in the stencil openings
  • Stencil contamination – solder paste smeared over the underside of the stencil
  • Solder paste quantity on the board – size of pads
  • PCB offset – accuracy of the board position based on the comparison with the positions on the board image
  • Bridging – monitoring of bridges between adjacent pads

The 2Di verification provides you with the kind of seamless quality control over your printing process that allows you to automatically take countermeasures if the process stability is threatened.