Our solution:
SIPLACE Pro with Virtual Product Build

With easy-to-use software wizards, SIPLACE Pro guides you step-by-step from importing the data to verifying the placement program via a simulation feature. The result: optimized first-yield results.

  •  Transfer all popular CAD formats.
  • Virtual Product Build – A scan of the (empty or populated) circuit board is used for simulating the placement program. Errors are highlighted immediately (offsets, missing components, pin and ball positions, polarities, etc.). This offline simulation eliminates the need for cumbersome adhesive-film tests that waste valuable production time.
  • You take the component descriptions from the SIPLACE component shape libraries, or you create them with a few mouse clicks via the SIPLACE station software  or offline with the SIPLACE Vision Teaching Station.
  • Wizards and options help you to create optimized feeder setups and analyze the placement sequence.
  • One application for all programming tasks Placement programs created with SIPLACE Pro run on all SIPLACE machines.