SIPLACE Vision Teach Station:
Teach component shapes without taking up valuable production time

A particularly powerful tool for your NPI processes is the SIPLACE Vision Teach Station. It uses the same digital camera technology as your SIPLACE placement machines. That way you can describe components that are not available in your own or in SIPLACE's component shape libraries in just a few steps.

Advantages of the SIPLACE Vision Teach Station:

  • Auto-learn function: It records the shape and dimensions of new components automatically. There is no way to do it faster or more reliably.
  • Offline teaching: Since you teach components offline, the production lines can continue to run their regular jobs. NPI processes become more efficient.
  • Export to SIPLACE Pro: Once described, component shape data is exported to SIPLACE Pro, where it is filed and becomes available to all SIPLACE platforms.
  • Imports of saved vision dumps from SIPLACE machines improve your component descriptions.