Impress even your most demanding customers

Recalls cost manufacturers a lot of money. No wonder that they demand a production that follows their specification to the letter as well as seamless traceability. With SIPLACE Traceability, your production meets even the toughest requirements.

In our Traceability solutions we collect all production- and quality-relevant data from SIPLACE Setup Center, splice sensors, fill level meters, barcode readers and other sensors. You access this data via fast and powerful database tools.

 Your ticket to high-quality applications – and better profit margins

The result is a new level of data transparency and networking. You ensure not only seamless traceability, but you prevent faulty setups and protect yourself from the start against liability claims from your customers.

In other words, SIPLACE Traceability is your ticket to the circle of advanced applications and industries like medical equipment, automotive or aerospace, where quality is the name of the game. Talk with our experts.

The following tracking & tracing information puts you in the game:

  • Line ID/configuration
  • Machine ID (and certificate)
  • Job ID
  • PCB number/ID (via PCB 2D code)
  • Setup program
  • Bill of material (component names, production lots, manufacturer IDs, etc.)