With ASM, getting detailed data is not a luxury, but a standard feature

The SIPLACE Operation Information System (OIS for short) is an integral part of every SIPLACE placement machine.

SIPLACE OIS is your window into our placement equipment that provides your staff with the all important operating data: production data, machine availability, capacity utilization, reject rates, and a whole lot more.

Particularly important are the trend indicators. This early-warning system provides important information about things that aren't quite working the way they should. If predefined thresholds are exceeded, the software issues a warning.

Other important points:

  • You can install SIPLACE OIS the way you want.
    Thanks to its client-server structure, you can even run SIPLACE OIS away from the line – a great feature for technicians, production managers and schedulers.
  • Visualize current machine conditions
  • Trend analyses as early warnings with rapid access to detailed data
  • Automatic notifications if predefined thresholds are exceeded