Our answer to your data needs:

Multi-site analyses with SIPLACE Explorer

Our software for multi-site professional line monitoring and benchmarking – state-of-the-art and web-based. Are major line data displayed in your browser, optionally filtered by time-based, organizational or product-related criteria?

You can easily share your findings: Generating short reports and e-mailing them to others takes only a few mouse clicks. Or you can import the data into Excel, create presentations, or run further analyses in your business intelligence system.

SIPLACE Explorer is modularly structured and can be enhanced with other monitoring applications.

The standard version gives you access to:

  • Real-time data for monitoring machines and lines
  • KPI monitors
  • Status information from your production (job progress, malfunctions, throughput, productivity, etc.)
  • Alarm and log functions
  • Automated report generation and mailing
  • Job data
  • Reports and trend analysis on reject rates, cycle times, placement quality, capacity utilization, material consumption, etc.
  • Process data
  • SPC tool functions
  • Long-term archiving and archive browser wizards

 SIPLACE Explorer