Material management designed for the requirements of electronics production

Let's be honest: ERP systems can map SMT processes only in rough outlines. Inventory data without reference to reels or packages, mistakes in the recording of material consumption and run times – all of these lead to planning and control errors that increase your costs.

Stop "flying blind" – your customers and your bottom line will thank you. With SIPLACE Material Manager you close the gap between your ERP system and your shop floor. Our promise: Your electronics production becomes transparent. You operate with reliable data and perfectly synchronized production processes.

  • Receiving (shipping notices, receipt, package UID, etc.)
  • Warehouse management (MSD, locations, supplies, ranges/minimum quantities, optimized pick lists, FIFO, control of automatic warehouse systems, etc.)
  • Production control/job management (import from ERP, optimized detailed scheduling, cycle times, order status, job instructions, etc.)
  • Process locking
  • Material consumption (integration of machine data, reporting of residual quantities, MSD exposure times, etc.)
  • Traceability (in scalable detail)
  • Integration into ERP systems
  • The result: Your production becomes controllable and your delivery reliability improves significantly while you reduce your inventories and tie up less capital.
  • Our tip: Ask our experts to calculate the benefits for your production environment . Or visit together with us one of our reference customers to gain an understanding of the Material Manager's practical application.