ASM Line Monitor-

Keep an eye on the whole line

Something your employees always wanted: The ASM Line Monitor software combines the relevant status information from all DEK printers and SIPLACE placement machines in the line on a single screen. Status flags (red-amber-green) warn of critical situations long before they can result in line stops.

The increased transparency gives operators and technicians more time to respond and helps them to carry out their work in the correct sequence.

The ASM Line Monitor displays:

  • Status information on consumables for DEK printers:
    solder paste, cleaning cloth (for understencil cleaning), cleaning fluid, etc.
  • Component fill status information for SIPLACE placement machines
  • Information about residual quantities
    (fill status vs. remaining component stock for the job)

  • Warning if MSD exposure times are about to expire

Your benefits:

  • Assisted by smart software, your employees can prioritize their activities more effectively
  • Fewer line stops
  • Improved line utilization and efficiency
  • Elimination of excess material movements (material tourism) and trips to the warehouse

Many of our customers run the ASM Line Monitor on a large flat-screen monitor mounted above the line and would never do without the additional transparency it provides.