We know the right combinations:
LED brightness class management

LED placement is a growth market, but one that's very demanding. One of the main requirements: managing the various brightness classes and associated resistors.

Our solution: SIPLACE LED Pairing. Instead of having to set up a separate placement program for each LED and resistor combination, LED Pairing lets you add a single table with all permissible combinations to your placement program. 

The advantages:

  • One placement program per product
  • Automated assignment instead of error-prone manual changeovers
  • Uninterrupted LED placement. The program recognizes changes in the brightness class and automatically selects the matching resistor
  • Also for dual-sided placement: The system maintains the relationship between LED and resistor even if the components are spread over the top and bottom of the PCB.
  • Combinable with setup verification via SIPLACE Setup Center
  • Residual quantity check for homogeneous placement: If the remaining quantity of LEDs of a certain brightness class is insufficient for the complete placement job, the program does not start the placement process