Consistent production data made easy

Inconsistent and faulty data on the line is one of the most frequent causes of production errors in electronics manufacturing – and very costly.

We have a solution to avoid such errors: SIPLACE EDM, the software for managing production data.

SIPLACE EDM takes the placement programs created in SIPLACE Pro and stores them on a central server from which it downloads the programs to the line computer just before the start of the production run. This ensures the placement programs' consistency.

But that's not all, SIPLACE EDM does more:  If data changes are needed on the line, they can be made – provided the operator has the required authorization. The great advantage: SIPLACE EDM records all such changes automatically, documents them and can integrate them into the master version of the program on the central server in accordance with a defined approval process.

SIPLACE EDM gives you the following benefits:

  • Quick provision of consistent production data
  • Safe and convenient data management
  • Central and local data collection with flexible rules
  • Reliable processes and solid documentation of all data changes