Changing components for a single placement position? No problem.

The well-known scenario: You run out of a component in the middle of your production job. But as luck would have it, you have reels with similar approved components. Nevertheless, changing the placement program in mid-stream costs valuable time. After all, you cannot simply substitute another component without letting the program know, can you?

With ASM you can. With SIPLACE Alternative Components, you can specify alternative components for each placement position. From the optimizer in SIPLACE Pro or SiCluster Professional to the setup verification in SIPLACE Setup Center down to the placement machine itself – all components recognize and accept these alternatives.

This feature provides you with a new level of freedom.

  • More flexibility when supplies and suppliers change.
  • Uninterrupted production runs despite changing components:
    1. By splicing the alternative component to the current tape
    2. By setting up the alternative component in a separate feeder
  • A consistent solution: All elements from the Optimizer (nozzles, feeder slots) to the setup verification (setup preparation area, approval of alternative part numbers) to the placement machine to Traceability support the Alternative Components feature.