Europe still plays an important role in electronics manufacturing, particularly in areas like prototype development, pre-production and pilot series, automotive applications, and the development of new and highly efficient manufacturing concepts. With its headquarters in Munich and additional plants, centers of competence and branch offices, ASM Assembly Systems is present in all major European countries. We also maintain relationships with universities, research institutions and industrials partners, as well as with local distributors.

“Under the “Industry 4.0” and “Smart Factory” keywords, Europe is currently the driving force behind innovative production concepts with intelligently networked, self-managing lines and processes. The goal is to make European electronics manufacturers more competitive. With its successful development of extremely powerful and networked machines, innovative systems for enhanced automation and process integration as well as solutions for transparent, SMT-specific material logistics, ASM Assembly Systems plays a leading role in the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts. As the market leader we also have by far the most powerful support and service network of all equipment suppliers in Europe. Our demanding European customers benefit from their proximity to skilled technicians and production experts, short response times, and the availability of support in the many languages spoken in Europe.”

Stefan Techau, Head of Europe Region, ASM SMT Solutions

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