Information about suppliers

A strong group of suppliers helps us to stay successful in the highly dynamic market for placement solutions. The goal: ensuring a consistently high level of quality for all our products while optimizing our costs. We achieve this by including our suppliers in our development processes from the start. With transparent delivery agreements, quality criteria and workflows we make sure that our supply is as efficient as it can be.

If you are a supplier, this is where you find our minimum requirements and the forms you need to sell to us.


Conditions of Purchase


Code of Conduct


Technical Condition of Order and Delivery - Quality Requirements


Environmental Requirements
- List of Declarable Substances
- List of Restricted Substances
- Information on the procurement of energy-related services, products and equipment


Export restrictions and Customs number


Initial Sample Inspection Report


8D Report


Waiver/deviation Request


Billing Adress and Shipping Adress


Transport Control

Manual my TNT