ASM Pacific Technology


Chip assembly and packaging

Since 2002, ASM PT has grown to become the world's largest supplier of backend solutions in the electronics manufacturing field. Wherever there is a need for chip assembly, module production, die/chip bonding or encapsulation in component or electronics production, ASM PT offers technologically leading solutions.

In Europe, the Backend Division supports its customers with experienced sales and technology specialists. Its customers are primarily in the areas of automotive electronics, automation technology and power electronics. Many work with the ASM specialists to develop efficient production processes for new technologies and products which are then rolled out in their manufacturing plants in Southern Europe, North Africa or Asia.

For its European customers, ASM Backend Solutions focuses mainly on the cost-efficient and flexible use of various wire bonding materials (copper, gold, etc.) – driven by technological progress in the field – for die-bonding highly integrated multi-chip modules and SiPs.

As part of these developments, it is becoming apparent that backend and SMT processes are increasingly converging to generate synergies in these heretofore separate areas of electronics production. While the die bonders made by ASM Backend Solutions are becoming increasingly flexible and are able to integrate dies and flip chips to form submodules, the SIPLACE CA provides a solution from the SMT field that supports chip assembly processes directly from the wafer (PoP, SiP, WLFO, etc.) as well as classic SMT processes. Customers from the backend and SMT fields are therefore able to benefit from the fact that ASM PT is the world’s first equipment supplier that offers technologies and solutions for all phases of electronics production along with comprehensive process expertise.