ASM Online Job Market

For our global ASM Assembly Systems team we are looking for people in the following areas - please reply via our application form or send an e-mail with your details directly to .



Permanent positions:

HR Generalist  Weymouth, UK 
Procurement Engineer Weymouth, UK 

Job postings for high school and college students:

Automation Engineering Placement Stu​dent Weymouth, UK 
Business Analyst Placement Student Weymouth, UK 
Electrical Engineering Placement Stu​dent Weymouth, UK 
Intellectual Property Placement Student Weymouth, UK 
Manufacturing Engineering Placement ​Student Weymouth, UK 
Manufacturing Software Engineering P​lacement Student  Weymouth, UK 
Manufacturing Systems Placement Stu​dent Weymouth, UK 
Manufacturing Test Engineering Place​ment Student Weymouth, UK 
Mechanical Engineering Placement St​udent  Weymouth, UK 
Module Test Engineering Placement St​udent Weymouth, UK 
Mechanical Engineer / Tooling Placem​ent Student Weymouth, UK 
Software Engineering Placement Student Weymouth, UK 
Solutions Engineering Placement Stud​ent  Weymouth, UK 
Test Engineering Placement Student  Weymouth, UK 
Trainee Media Placement Student  Weymouth, UK