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    APEX 2018: The Hermes Standard and CFX for open communication on the shop floor
    At APEX 2018, ASM highlighted its participation in The Hermes Standard as well as featuring a live demo of the IPC’s open CFX standard, which is designed to facilitate data exchange between production equipment and superimposed systems. It helps electronics manufacturers with accessing and accumulating machine information, and analyzing it to drive production efficiency. CFX therefore presents a logical counterpart to the Hermes Standard, with the latter supporting horizontal integration along the line and the former aiding vertical communication between the production lines and superordinate systems.
    For the live demo at APEX, ASM machines were sending various status data throughout the week to the CFX powered cloud and gave real-time information, e.g. on how many boards had been processed and whether the machine was currently running or had stopped.
    The Hermes Standard, which debuted in 2017, is an open, modern and much more powerful alternative to the obsolete SMEMA standard. The TCP/IP- and XML-based protocol of The Hermes Standard makes it possible to transport circuit boards through all stations of the line with full traceability and no loss of data while minimizing the need for reading devices such as barcode scanners.
    Visit the Hermes Standard website and download the standard 
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