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NEW: ASM SmartStencil at SMTconnect
At this year’s SMTconnect trade fair in Nuremberg (May 7-9, Hall 5, Booth 311), ASM will present ASM SmartStencil, an RFID-based hardware and software solution for monitoring and managing the service life of stencils in DEK printers. For the first time, electronics manufacturers will have total control of their stencils’ service lives. RFID scanners read the stencils’ RFID tags, recognize "spent" stencils, warn of the impending end of a stencil's predefined service life and prevent the printing process from being started if the maximum number of printing cycles has been exceeded.
The system also writes the current job's print cycles to the RFID tag of the stencil that’s currently in the printer. ASM SmartStencil can be retrofitted in existing printers and stencils, works with stencils from any supplier, and can be used with a wide range of stencil types and carrier systems (DEK VectorGuard frames or classic mesh-mounted stencils). Besides improving the reliability and quality of the stencil printing process, ASM SmartStencil makes internal logistics and component processes more efficient.
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