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Hermes & CFX: Plug-and-play at the IPC APEX show
At this year’s IPC APEX event for the printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing industry in San Diego, ASM and eight other companies demonstrated that the Hermes and CFX standards work trouble-free and can be implemented separately in the shortest amount of time. Visitors got to see the capabilities of the new standards in live demonstrations of the IPC CFX line.
ASM participated in the IPC CFX line with a DEK NeoHorizon printer that transmitted board data via the Hermes standard and machine-to-line data via the CFX standard. Thanks to the Hermes protocol, machines from eight different manufacturers were able to work together for the first time in the same line.  No tests of the machine-to-machine communication were conducted in advance. When the show opened, all machines talked to each other and forwarded the PCBs with no problems whatsoever – proof that the Hermes standard is easy to implement and works trouble-free.
After implementing the Hermes standard, technicians also installed the CFX standard on the DEK NeoHorizon printer that sent machine status messages to a higher-level dashboard application. The dashboard was part of the ASM Control Center at the booth to demonstrate how the CFX standard can be used to collect data remotely.
For more information about the Hermes standard, visit the Hermes website.