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SIPLACE Nozzle Magazines: Avoid nozzle pick-up errors on your production line
Electronics manufacturers using non-original nozzle magazines typically face some challenges on their production line as third-party parts sometimes do not meet manufacturer’s specifications and have not passed long-term test requirements. Cracking of plastic shutters, breaking of the single nozzle garages, and overall faster wear and tear can be cumbersome too.
Original SIPLACE nozzle magazines eliminate these issues. They are upgraded with an unbreakable metal shutter, so electronics manufacturers do not have to worry about cracking or breaking of shutters. The nozzles sit securely on the nozzle magazine, and proper nozzle pick-up during placement is guaranteed.
Key benefits:
  • Reduce the cost of ownership (CoO) by changing single spare parts instead of a complete magazine
  • Save logistic costs with simplified order items in the purchase process
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Higher robustness of the parts because all original parts are tested
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