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"Outstanding Production Network":
ASM is awarded the coveted international Factory of the Year recognition for its excellent global production standards

For the third time ASM has received the "Factory of the Year" Award. The business segment SMT Solutions scored in the category "Outstanding Production Network" for its global production cooperation. Shared standards that are flexibly applied across the regions as well as active Best-Practice sharing were given as the reasons.
The benchmark competition "Factory of the Year" is organized by the magazine Produktion as well as business consultancy A. T. Kearney. Established in 1992, it is widely recognized as one of the toughest competitions as well as one of the most coveted awards for manufacturing companies. After wins in 2012 and 2016, ASM has received the award for the third time, with the judges highlighting the shared high process standards across production sites in Munich, Weymouth, Singapore and Malaysia.
Jörg Cwojdzinski, Vice President SCM at ASM SMT Solutions on why the cooperation between manufacturing sites is special: "Many companies have sites scattered over the globe – most of the time they rely on one leading factory which develops processes and subsidiaries which are expected to take over smaller tasks and repeat processes exactly as described. We do it differently at ASM, as our goal is not to produce separate from each other, but together on a global scale. This is how we develop process and quality standards, automatization and digitalization initiatives – as a team."