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ASM Technology Days in Gyor
From September 18-19, the ASM Technology Days took place in Gyor, Hungary. ASM experts offered an exclusive insight into the ASM Process Support Products (PSP) portfolio as well as ASM software such as DFM HealthCheck to over 80 participants from Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Serbia and Poland.
ASM hosted a total of three workshops – with presentations and hands-on sessions – all focused on optimal printing support with ASM PSP such as stencils, coatings, squeegees and toolings as well as consumables. A tour of the stencil production facilities offered a chance to learn more about different stencil and coating types. Another highlight was a deep dive into a software function hosted on the company’s self-learning expert system for SMT production, ASM ProcessExpert. During a live demonstration, visitors learned how the ASM DFM HealthCheck, based on individual board CAD data, suggests printing parameters such as solder paste type, squeegee pressure, print cycle times and cleaning cycle times to verify a stable printing process. DFM HealthCheck is also available as a service separate from ASM ProcessExpert when ordering stencils via ASM – the suggested printing parameters allow for faster NPI as experiments on the line before serial production are reduced.
More information on the ASM PSP portfolio is available via the ASM PSP website.