ASM Live Webinar - Automatic Process Optimization:
Analyze processes autonomously in real time with the ASM ProcessExpert

On April 26 we’ll show you in our live webinar titled "Automatic Process Optimization" how our ASM ProcessExpert optimizes your printing processes automatically – even with AOI systems from other manufacturers.
Vision systems, SPI, AOI – modern SMT lines employ a wide range of measurement and inspection systems for process control purposes. But all these systems have one critical weakness: they check and inspect only within a framework of thresholds set by the operator. Fortunately, the time when you had to find the best printing results via trial and error has come to an end. Let your production line optimize the printing process on its own!
In our live webinar titled "Automatic Process Optimization" you will learn how the ASM ProcessExpert stabilizes, optimizes and controls your processes within a systematically determined process window – automatically and autonomously.
  • Characterization of the ongoing printing process
  • Automatic process optimization with self-healing
  • Proactive control and flexible adjustment based on a continuously growing knowledgebase
  • Relieves your line staff
  • Improved quality
  • Higher yields
  • More productivity
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