SIPLACE TX – the perfect machine for the Smart Factory
The smart factory needs smart machines: the SIPLACE TX is breaking all performance records
with its new SIPLACE SpeedStar placement head and new SIPLACE SmartFeeder Xi.
The SIPLACE TX boasts unique flexibility in terms of conveyor systems, component feeding and smart software options. It seamlessly fits into ASM’s Smart Factory portfolio through heightened connectivity capabilities and functions as a state-of-the-art high performer for every type of electronics production. IIoT interfaces for integration into line and factory systems (ASM OIB, IPC-Hermes 9852, IPC-CFX) and the cloud (ADAMOS) with advanced workflow solutions for setup processes, material management, factory monitoring and factory integration, as well as remote support with ASM Remote Smart Factory.
You will find further information in the new ASM SIPLACE TX Flyer.