Faster NPI & Virtual Production with DEK Offline Programming
As of today, in many SMT productions, it takes several manual steps to introduce new products. Process parameters are adjusted according to the experience of Process Engineers, PCB’s are introduced to the line for first test runs, visual checks are done after each process step and adjustments are done based on the results. These tasks occupy machines, require material and reduce the utilization of production equipment. For Smart Factories, simulation capabilities in software systems are required – without the need of a physical production line and material.
ASM Printer Programming (DEK Offline Programming) is a programming editor that allows the programmer to describe a fully working DEK printer program for a board which already exists in SIPLACE Pro, without using the printer for programming, achieving higher utilization of the production equipment.
All PCB information i staken over from the SIPLACE Pro database. ASM Printer Programming only requires basic descriptions such as length, width and thickness of the PCB. Frequently used parameters can be saved as company-specific profiles and can be selected and re-used for faster programming.
The way of programming is not machine specific, but product specific. The user describes all necessary parameters for any printer configuration. This makes it possible that one product can be downloaded to any suitable line in the factory. Machine specific offsets will still be considered.
Since there is a central database with one single product description for all lines, the same product data on different printers cannot differ anymore. The product description, including printer process plus a target printer setup allows checking offline in advance for programming errors before a download is done.
In the central database, users have a better overview over their products and printer processes. Also, global changes can be easily applied by modifying a shared object.
The programming editor is part of the SIPLACE Suite and can be started together with SIPLACE Pro.
  • Move programming from the line to an office PC
  • Share and use common data with the placement program
  • Get an overview and gain control of the process by using a central database
  • Parameter changes at the printers are synchronized back to the database